Plant-based protein for planet based people.

Lupii is unleashing the power of the small‑but‑mighty lupini bean with their new vegan protein bars.

woman enjoying Lupii woman enjoying Lupii

Our bars are

the benefits of our bites
L mighty cool beans for cool beings

The Queen Lupini Bean

Lupii is here to offer a new perspective on protein. Tapping into Lupini power, we’re making tasty, sustainable, plant-based fuel that will keep you running like a boss. Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or just plain awesome—eating Lupii is the perfect way to nourish your body while making mama nature proud in the process.

Lupini bean

3X the
of eggs

Lupini bean

3X the
of oats

Lupini bean

All 9

Whole food ingredients and a whole lotta flavor too.

Our lupini powered bars are a tasty, healthy, on-the-go addition to your busy day. Zip to your morning meeting with the zest of Tahini Lemon Cranberry. Give your lunch some power and crunch with Peanut Butter Cacao. Sail through the afternoon with a wave of Almond Butter Cinnamon Raisin. You got this.

We’ve got groupiis

“Lupii bars are delicious! You can taste every ingredient... I feel nourished.”

Executive Coach

“Lupii provides the perfect portable protein snack when trying to eat well between training sessions.”

pro Top 10 ironman finisher
& Ultra Beast Masters World Champ

“FINALLY a VEGAN protein bar without added junk that is delicious and nutritious!”

Actor, Singer, Songwriter

We're all a little bit Lupii—and proud of it.

We’re bringing the small but mighty Lupini bean to the party to create simple, sustainable, and delicious food that will keep you going. Bland flavors and foods with extra baggage are a thing of the past. We’re here. We’re Lupii. And we’re proud of what's inside.

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