Whole plant-based protein made for human beans.

L mighty cool beans for cool beings

Getting Lupii

We’re bringing the small but mighty Lupini bean to the party to create simple, sustainable, and delicious food that will keep you going. Bland flavors and foods with extra baggage are a thing of the past.

We believe in a better bar

For the People.

Because running like a boss should taste and feel fantastic.

Your body works best when you eat minimally processed whole foods. At Lupii, we use the whole Lupini bean and other whole ingredient sources so you can fill your tum with nothing but natural yum.

For the Planet.

Because food should be low-impact and sustainable.

Our little Lupini beans are good for soil health, require less water than other plant crops, and are a more efficient source of protein than animal products (we’re cutting out the “middle cow”). You go little Lupini!

For the Welfare of Animals.

Because our feathered and furry friends deserve a break.

Plant-based protein is better for all creatures. Our Lupini bean is a complete, whole-food protein and packed with all 9 amino acids, just like meat-based protein. The difference with Lupii? Our animal buds get to run free. We’re 100% plant-based—no if’s, and’s, or chicken butts.

Lupini Power

Our hero ingredient, the small-but-mighty Lupini bean, is a little legume that has 2x more protein than chickpeas, 3x more protein than eggs, and 3x more dietary fiber than rolled oats. Our queen bean is jam-packed with vitamins and all 9 essential amino acids—making her the perfect plant-based protein option for healthy humans and a healthy earth.

Lupini bean

3x the
of eggs

Lupini bean

3x the
of oats

Lupini bean

All 9

Want more Lupini? Check out our research about sustainable plant protein here.

A Lupii little tale

It was the year 2019,
And Allie Dempster was a well-being-lovin’, marketing queen.
She dreamt of a day when plant-based whole food
Could help boost mama nature’s mood.

Little did she know, that not so far over,
Isabelle Steichen was thinking things over.
A startup boss and vegan star,
Isabelle was making lupini bars.

And these little bars? Were packed with protein—
Vegan, whole-food, tasty, high-fiber, and clean...
But how would these two ladies end up meeting?

The answer is: fate (like most great adventures).
A collection of people, bosses, and mentors...

Until finally Allie + Isabelle sat down
And said: “Let's bring a new protein to town!”

Lets fuel people right!
Lets change some perceptions!
Lets move mama nature in the right direction!”

Thus, Lupii was born!
And continues to grow...
to help people run their own plantiful show!

From business, to art, to moms with big plans,
Were spreading Lupii across this great land.

And thats our short tale!
Thank you for reading!
Keep up all your groovy-good plant-based eating!

P.S. If you’re diggin this tale of the Lupii Two, share it with friends (and family too). Vegetarian, vegan, or ‘watch-what-you-chew’—Lupii is the feel-good fuel for you!

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