Sustainability 101

We’re hard at work researching the most sustainable packaging options for our little bites.

Breakin' it down

Here’s how you can dispose of our current packaging in the best way possible (and make mama nature even prouder!).

Our boxes are made out of recyclable cardboard. This means you can and should ALWAYS recycle your boxes! Woohoo!

As for the wrapper? They’re made out of plastic #5. Some communities will recycle #5 and some won’t. Look out for zero waste boxes at your workplace or school (or request to house a receptacle).

The search continues…

While compostable packaging seems rockin’ on paper, most compostable packaging is only industrially compostable (to which most people don’t have curbside access!). Conversely, if it lands in a landfill? It takes lifetimes to decompose, if at all! It also requires a ton of energy to make.

We are on the hunt for planet-friendly packaging that keeps Lupii delicious and mama nature healthy (and will update our Lupii Groupiis every step of the way). Got ideas? Questions? Reach out! Join our newsletter for updates.

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